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NERO, LARP, NERO LARP, Conquest America, LARPIES, LARP Mag, LARPY Awards

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THE TYRRAN WORLDThe World of Tyrra

World of Tyrra Cosmology

The Laws of Avalon
The Geography of Avalon

The Fae and Cursed Handbook

NERO LARP Barbarian Handbook
NERO LARP Biata Handbook
NERO LARP Dwarf Handbook
Quentari Elf Handbook
History of the Empire of Hadran
NERO LARP Gypsy Handbook
NERO LARP Half Orc Handbook
Padash Sarr History
NERO LARP Sarr Handbook

NERO LARP Stone Elf Handbook
NERO LARP Wild Elf Handbook
NERO LARP Drae Handbook
NERO LARP Mystic Wood Elf Handbook

NERO LARP Avalon Crest
NERO LARP Evendarr Table of ContentsNERO LARP Evendarr TimelineNERO LARP Quentari CultureNERO LARP Avendale Table of ContentsNERO LARP Sarr Kingdom Myrr

NERO LARP Estate CostsNERO LARP Estate Advice

NERO LARP Craftsmen SKills

The Fae and Cursed Book
Sessuar Imperium©
Jhivantane Sorcerers©
All About Zephyr©
Land Populations©

NERO LARP Avendale Military College

WHO IS WHONERO LARP Recent News Around TyrraNERO LARP Who is Who on Avalon

NERO LARP Avalon Criminals



Welcome to Malcolm's Guide to Tyrra, the most complete works covering the lands, nobles and people of the realm of Tyrra. Many scribes and historians have put effort into these fine tomes, and the academics of Tyrra are adding more information each month! Much of this information is common knowledge, accessible at any library or scholarly institute upon the Continent of Avalon. Keep track of what is going on by visiting Most Recent News Around Tyrra©.

 This is a work in progress and we shall strive to publish new writings as we receive material

Our Newest Work - The Fae and Cursed Handbook

If there is any information which you do not find in these pages, you may contact us to search our archives for your topic. As well, please submit your written contributions to preserve events and memories for future citizens of these great lands to read.

The pages in this great library tell the history, laws, political, and other information on record about the inhabitants of Tyrra.  As the lands and people of Tyrran continue to develop, more information will be added to this and later volumes. Admittedly, there is more information regarding the continent of Avalon and the Kingdom of Evendarr than any other Continent or Kingdom, though we are receiving more and more from the four coasts.

Within each section of our vast library, visitors will find various public works by sages and institutions alike. The contents have been organized to assist you in your endeavors.

If you have difficulty locating materials or wish to see more published in the next volume, please write to the historians collecting these documents.


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